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MJT Cheerleading

Age Ranges

Ages are determined as of July 31 of the season year. 

Flag Cheer (Age 5 & 6)
No Travel

Pee Wee Cheer (Age 7 & 8)
Cheer at games, travel required. 

Youth Cheer (Age 9 & 10)
Cheer at games, travel required. 

Senior Cheer (Age 11-14*)
Cheer at games, travel required. 

*Our cheer program is not intended for athletes past 8th grade

Game & Practice Schedule

Practices will be held at Paxon Hollow Middle School unless otherwise noted.  

All teams will practice Monday - Thursday. Flag will practice 6-7:30 and the rest of the teams will practice 6-8.

Once school starts there are no more weeknight practices, just games.

Game schedules will be communicated once the league has finalized the schedule. You will be notified each week from your coach, Katie or Amanda as to when and where the game is that week.  

You can also follow MJT cheer on Facebook at Marple Jr Tigers Cheerleading.  We will also update here any last minute practice cancelations and weekly game schedule reminders.


Competition is optional and there are no try outs. Depending on the numbers for each age level that will determine how many teams we will have.  Practices are typically 2 nights a week at one of the MN schools.  During a week leading up to a competition the coach may choose to add an additional practice. Practice times are typically 2 hours ranging in the hours of 5:30-8:30. Again this will depend on the amount of teams we have.  

The girls will compete in 5-6 local competitions. Typically at the end of the competition season the girls will compete in a larger National competition.  This competition is within driving distance and typically requires a 1-2 night stay.  

Fees:  The competition fee is separate from the field registration fee. We try to keep the fee as low as possible. Some of the items the competition fee will cover is the cost to enter teams into local competitions, cheer music and hair bows. There may be other costs that may be incurred throughout the season. The end of year away competition is typically an additional fee usually around $50-$75/per girl. This will depend on the cost of the entry fee.

We are really hoping to be able to have a competition season this year. There is no guarantee we will be able to have one at this time.  We are a non profit rec team. We rely on being able to use the school gyms for practice time. We are not charged to use the school facilities. Because we are not charged this helps us keep the competition fee reasonable. This will be the main deciding factor if we are able to hold a competition season or not. Once we know for sure if we will be able to use the indoor school facilities we will have more details on practice times/locations and if we are able to have a competition season. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding field or competition cheer please reach out to either Katie Fusaro (MJT Cheer director) or Amanda DiStefano (MJT Cheer VP).  We can be reached at